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ProdEq Partner Program

Have you ever thought about launching
your own company ?

What is impossible as a lone wolf might become easy in a network community.

ProdEq offers a modular business and networking model for startups and established small machine traders.



ProdEq offers:

  • Start up your own business
  • benefit from the strength of a known name
  • use the most advanced database infrastructure of the sector
  • use prooven business procedures
  • join a growing trader network of like-minded people
  • and be your own boss

ProdEq offers
a complete franchise package and we are open to discuss financial participation.


What do we expect ?

  • business sense
  • fair and cooperative behaviour
  • the ability to network
  • profound knowledge of manufacturing technologies
  • basic commercial knowledge
  • a strong dedication to learn and succeed
  • your commitment to share profit and risk
Did we spark your curiosity?
Just call +41 71 948 7060 or send
an email to